Flotation therapy coming to Steamboat Springs

Scott Franz
Valerie McCarthy and Brian Savoie are opening Neptune Healing Float Spa in March in downtown Steamboat Springs. The spa will offer flotation therapy.

— Soon there will be a new way to float in the ‘Boat.

Valerie McCarthy and Brian Savoie are introducing a new spa treatment to Steamboat Springs that involves floating in a futuristic looking flotation tank filled with 10 inches of water and more than 800 pounds of Epsom salts.

Spa guests will feel weightless as they float in the tank, and they also can control the lighting and music while they relax.

“It allows one to get into a theta state,” Savoie said about the flotation therapy as he described the times he himself has gotten into the water. “I would drive all the way to Denver to float.”

Savoie and McCarthy have done a lot of research on the spa treatment and became big fans of it themselves after floating in places as far as Arizona.

The concept of floating as a therapy is ancient, Savoie said, but new technology is enhancing the experience.

The tanks now are being used by professional athletes across the country, and McCarthy and Savoie said they offer a long list of benefits ranging from easing chronic pain to reducing recovery time from injuries.

The spa treatment will be the first of its kind in the Yampa Valley.

“We are big advocates of the experience,” Savoie said.

In March, McCarthy and Savoie are opening Neptune Healing Float Spa in the Victorian in downtown Steamboat.

McCarthy is the spa owner, a sound healer and a life coach, and Savoie is the spa’s sherpa.

In addition to the floats, other therapies at the spa will include sound healing, gong baths (think being bathed in the vibrations and sounds of gongs) and craniosacral therapy.

A 90-minute floating session will cost $79, and memberships will be sold.

McCarthy said she commonly gets three questions about floating:

Is it clean?

She said the tanks in Steamboat are sterilized using ultraviolet radiation, the same technology some hospitals use. The pods also use ozone purification.

Do I have to close the lid?

She said you don’t have to, but it is recommend that the lid in the tank is closed during the session to maximize the benefits of floating.

How could I stay in there for an hour?

She said it can take up to 20 minutes for the mind to settle down and start getting into a theta state. After that, she said the remainder of the experience is relaxing.

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