First Friday: New art exhibit explores what is often overlooked |

First Friday: New art exhibit explores what is often overlooked

Missy Borden's show The Overlooked will open Friday at Pine Moon Fine Art and will hang in the gallery for the month of July. The premise of the exhibit is finding joy in the small moments throughout life. (Courtesy photo)

Artist Missy Borden believes there is limitless joy around us if we are willing to looking for it — and that’s the premise of her newest exhibit, The Overlooked, which will be on display at the Pine Moon Fine Art gallery this July.

And while the collection of paintings is centered around finding joy in the small things, Borden claims she typically views life with “a general sense of despair.”

“I have had this idea of happiness, and it always seems to slip through my fingers right as I’m grasping it,” she explained. “Lately, though, I have been seeing the magic in lots of things. Usually, the small things.”

Borden says the collection came about after two failed attempts at something different.

If you go

What: The Overlooked, a new exhibit by Missy Borden

Where: Pine Moon Fine Art, 117 Ninth St.

When: From 5 to 8 p.m. Friday; paintings will hang in the gallery through the month of July

“I think I had been trying hard to make an idea come through using a style I had previously done, which was layered and overlapping leaf shapes,” she said.

After becoming frustrated, she realized she wanted to try the expression in a more abstract way to see if her emotion would come across through the use of key design elements like lines, shapes, space, color and texture.

“I wrote about how this tarp fluttering in the wind was a visual inspiration for me. It’s more about the feeling that this sight evoked in me. I just I enjoyed it,” Borden said. “That tiny moment of wind and material made me feel uplifted. There was a part in me that tried to figure out why was this so moving, what in my past could be tied to this and make it seem significant.”

Missy Borden's piece “Being Able to Help Someone in Need” is a mixed media on wood panel which will hang in the show. (Courtesy photo)

When she struggled to articulate why she was moved by the image, she decided to close her eyes and drew what she felt; that was the starting point for the series.

The show, which will open during First Friday Artwalk, consists of 20 primarily acrylic, abstract paintings. Borden said that while she is still defining her personal style, one staple of her work is semi-blind contour drawings. She doesn’t shy away from hiding mistakes and often uses pen in her work.

Pine Moon gallerist Dani Steeves said visitors will be struck by Borden’s bold use of color.

Another piece in the show, “Realizing That Setback Was the Best Thing That Could Happen.” (Courtesy photo)

“Her work is bold and confident while also being instinctive and emotional,” said Steeves. “It’s almost as if you’re peering into the structure of a feeling, a tight close up of an inner experience.”

With titles like “Being Able to Help Someone in Need” and “Realizing That Setback Was the Best Thing That Could Have Happened,” Steeves noted that the titles are so novel, they suggest that she’s trying to create a visual representation of the feelings she is describing.

“The show is not just about me personally finding happiness in the little things,” Borden said. “It’s bringing awareness that the little things matter more than we give them credit for.”

For Borden — a self-described “feeler person” — this collection represents a success in using her art to connect on an emotional level with the viewer.

“Art is very subjective, and I know that my work isn’t for everyone,” Borden said. “But I hope that this collection draws the type of people who are looking for artwork that visually represents a feeling.”

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