Erich Esswein: A bias perspective |

Erich Esswein: A bias perspective

A bias perspective

Based on the article headlines I’ve seen in the Steamboat Today for the last couple of months, I would have to say Editor Brent Boyer is apologizing to readers for running a pro-Republican headline, not a situation of bias (“Sorting through the debate spin,” Oct. 9 Steamboat Today).

He and his editorial staff overwhelmingly select articles from the Associated Press and other sources that are pro-Obama and pro-Democratic Party. We only need to review the editorials and articles in the same Oct. 9 issue that have to do with the presidential election to prove this. Of the two editorials, one refers to the presidential campaign, and it is very negative to Sarah Palin. Then there are four articles about the presidential candidates:

– Page 17, “Obama tours rural areas to win voters”

– Page 18, “Experts criticize McCain buy-up strategy”

– Page 19, “Candidates compete for voters trust”

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– Page 19, “Obama rallies for North Carolina”

So there you are; three pro-Obama articles and one neutral article out of four in the same issue with a “we try not to show any bias” column by Boyer. It’s this way issue after issue, with a majority of the articles having a pro-Obama and pro-Democratic slant. This is all fine, but the claim of “the Pilot & Today’s commitment to providing balanced, relevant information to voters” doesn’t hold up when it comes to the presidential campaigns.

Erich Esswein

Steamboat Springs