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Elevation Dance Studio to hold recital in Steamboat

Nicole Inglis

Victoria Rose runs through her routine Wednesday while practicing with her dance class at Elevation Dance Studio in Steamboat Springs. The young dancers will be part of the studio's annual recital, “A Salute to Broadway.” Shows will be held at noon and 6 p.m. Saturday at the Steamboat Springs High School auditorium.
John F. Russell

Young dancers, from right, Victoria Rose, Faith Chandler, Cheyenne Williams, Baylee Walker, Kelsey Norland and Isabel Powell run through their routine at Elevation Dance Studio during a practice Wednesday. The young dancers will take center stage Saturday as part of the dance studio's annual recital, "A Salute to Broadway."John F. Russell

— Cheyenne Williams was putting her shoes on the wrong feet, and Faith Chandler was sliding around the floor in her black-ribboned tap shoes Wednesday at Elevation Dance Studio as a class of six 5-year-olds prepared for the annual recital this week.

"My favorite is tap, tap, pas de bouree," announced Victoria Rose, naming one of the tougher combinations in their ballet routine, "Getting to Know You," a song from "The King and I."

During "Getting to Know You," the six girls sashay around with teddy bears, following the directions of their teacher, Alyssa Marelli, as she leads the routine from the corner. In their second dance, they'll stomp around the stage in a tap dance to "Broadway Baby."

For some, this weekend will be their first dance recital.

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"I'm going to be shy," Isabel Powell said.

The Elevation Dance Studio recital, "A Salute to Broadway," is Saturday at the Steamboat Springs High School auditorium, with showings at noon and 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children and are available at the studio.

And Isabel isn't the only one overwhelmed and excited by the prospect of a recital.

This will be studio owner Renee Fleischer's first recital after taking over the former Oak Street Dance studio less than a year ago.

"It's so much work," she said. "But I'm doing what I love, and this show will just be the icing on the cake."

Fleischer said she's proud of the way her students have taken on the diverse curriculum, which includes hip-hop, tap, jazz, ballet and contemporary, all of which will be showcased along the Broadway theme Saturday.

She said she hopes the children can take away more than just technique from dancing in their younger years.

"There's not a lot of kids who can say they went pro," Fleischer said. "But I think to begin with dance and learn the discipline … many of us have strong memories of our dance recitals, and we just want them to always remember their dance experience."

During Wednesday's class, 5-year-old Faith Chandler's mother, Kimberly, sat in the lobby watching her daughter skip around the studio via the live feed TV mounted on the wall.

She said it was Faith's first year dancing, and the girl already has dreams of going to "L-Way," as she calls Los Angeles, to become a dancer.

"She's normally sort of quiet, but when the music comes on, forget it," Kimberly Chandler said. "She's counting down the days. She says, 'Mom, is it four or three days left until dance?'"

Elevation doesn't just cultivate the dreams of mini prima ballerinas.

On Wednesday night, T.J. Williams and Lauren Eck, both 9, were the shortest students in their hip-hop class.

"I like this kind of dance because it's so different than other dances," T.J. said. "It has its own style."

At Saturday's recital, the pair will be part of a performance to Rihanna's "Umbrella," mashed up with "Singing in the Rain."

T.J. is featured front and center for most of the dance, not just because he hits his shoulder pops and foot stomps with near perfection, but because he's the only boy in the class.

"It's interesting sometimes because sometimes the teacher does girl stuff, and I have to shake my hips and stuff," he said, giggling.

"I just like to dance and stuff."

Red-headed Lauren couldn't contain her excitement about Rihanna, and she hopes to someday dance in a music video.

But you have to start somewhere.

"It feels like you mean something because you're up there on stage dancing," she said.

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