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E. Ray Koch: Editor misuses pen

I have kept quiet throughout this whole sensationalized and rather personal attack on John DeVincentis that I believe Scott Stanford, editor of the Steamboat Pilot & Today, has spearheaded.

I am not sure why, but I am aware of issues between DeVincentis and Stanford’s wife, Kelly Stanford, in the past. I was intimately involved with Cyndy Simms and John throughout their conflicts and was part of the “team” to try and resolve their issues on a local level and, consequently, through mediation. I have supported John as a friend and have always been up front about the inappropriateness of some of his decisions. However, in all my 30 years of living and working in Steamboat as a school psychologist, I don’t think I have seen such obvious vindictiveness and unethical behavior on the parts of past board members and the newspaper.

I have had many conversations with John, Cyndy, the past board and many teachers and parents (including many of the parents who supported John and were vocal about getting rid of Simms – the same parents who have turned against John and are now trying to recall him.) It is a good thing that their conversations about Cyndy were not recorded because many comments were just as full of anger and frustration as John’s e-mails. I think most people would see it as venting, personal feeling and, perhaps, gossip, but they would not even think about telling anyone, let alone putting it in the newspaper and then taking every opportunity to repeat the transgressions as many times as possible.

As despicable as Paula Stephenson’s, Pat Gleason’s, Donna Howell’s and others’ behavior has been, I believe Scott Stanford’s behavior takes the prize. In my mind he has gone over the top.

Most of us will never know what really motivated his misuse of the editor’s pen, but I think it is transparent to most that it was more than just his journalistic duty. What a travesty.

E. Ray Koch

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