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Duathlon in Steamboat raises melanoma awareness

Running, swimming event’s proceeds to help fight cancer

Racers in Sunday's Splash & Dash Duathlon event tear through the swimming pool at the Old Town Hot Springs in downtown Steamboat Springs.

Luke Borgerding, 10, rounds the final corner in Sunday morning's Splash & Dash Duathlon race in Steamboat Springs. Racers swam at the Old Town Hot Springs then ran through an in-town course. The event helped raise money for melanoma research. Joel Reichenberger


For more information on Andy Caress's Mela-KNOW-More organization, check out http://www.mela-know-more.org/.

— Luke Borgerding was honest.

Asked what brought him out Sunday morning for the Splash & Dash Duathlon in Steamboat Springs and he cut to the point.

"My mom made me," he said, not even pausing for a second before con­tinuing. "But I'm really glad. It was a lot of fun."

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Borgerding was one of do­­zens of competitors in the in­­augural event, which sent com­petitors swimming through the Old Town Hot Springs lap pool, then on a run around downtown Steamboat.

A crowd gathered at Mem­­orial Park, near Steamboat Springs High School, and cheered as finishers took their final strides across the finish line.

"It was a great day. We did a lot of praying about the weather," said Darby Dale-Burger, one of the event's organizers.

Dale-Burger had plenty to celebrate. She won the adult women's division but didn't seem very concerned about that as she helped clean up at the finish line after the race.

Rather, she was just thrilled that the race happened in the first place.

Sunday's race raised money for the Mela-KNOW-More organization, which was created by former Steamboat Springs tennis pro Andy Caress to fight melanoma.

Caress was diagnosed with the cancer in 2008 and has been fighting it as its spread through his body since. He currently splits his time between Houston, where he receives treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and his home in Ohio.

His fight is something Burger is all too familiar with. Her father died of melanoma about five years ago.

"He touched a lot of people's lives and was very active in sports. I wanted to start a triathlon for children to help raise awareness for melanoma," she said.

She found a partner in Caress' new organization, a venue in the eager Old Town Hot Springs and plenty of locals happy to help out.

"I couldn't be more thrilled," she said. "We just got amazing community support. …We've been trying to do this ever since we moved here, and Jill (Ruppel at OTHS) is the first one who gave us a green light.

"I feel personally blessed be­­cause so many people rallied around" the cause, she continued.

Sunday's adult race included 700 yards of swimming and a 5-kilometer run. Children swam 400 yards and ran 1.5 miles.

Brian Dale-Burger won the men's adult division, finishing in 28 minutes, 28 seconds.

Jack Burger was second at 29:21 and Scott Wier third in 30:08.

Darby Dale-Burger was the top woman, finishing in 33:34, ahead of second-place Sally Borgerding at 34:49 and Marianne Osteen in 38:15.

Joe Borgerding was the fastest boy in 21:12. Willie Gunn was second in 21:59 and Teague Burger third at 22:19.

Abbey Habermehl was the fastest girl in 20:18. Tatum Burger was in at 21:14 and Tamy Katthain at 25:06.

Kris Rowse and Asher Rohde won the adult team competition in 26:49, ahead of Andrew Hoing and Alison Hoing in 31:53 and Fabiola Katthain and Janne Siegal at 36:39.

Maddy Ruppel and Frank Ruppel teamed up to win the children's team race in 17:43. Tyler Terranova and Sam Terranova were second at 18:02 and Melissa Requist and Sarah Kite third in 23:10.

Splash & Dash results

Adult individual

  1. Brian Dale-Burger, 28:28
  2. Jack Burger, 29:21
  3. Scott Wier, 30:08
  4. Darby Dale-Burger, 33:34
  5. Sally Borgerding, 34:49
  6. Jeff Lukens, 36:48
  7. Gary Osteen, 36:48
  8. Keegan Burger, 37:09
  9. Rob Sussman, 37:52
  10. Greg Sussman, 38:14
  11. Marianne Osteen, 38:15
  12. Karen Connell, 39:11
  13. Amy McFadden, 39:58
  14. CJ Dale-Burger, 41:24
  15. Ginger Scott, 42:34
  16. Erin Orr, 42:34
  17. Lynne Meyers, 42:53
  18. Julie Braumsdorf, 45:10
  19. Lloyd Shenfield, 1:10:58

Adult team

  1. Kris Rowse/Asher Rohde, 26:49
  2. Andrew Hoing/Alison Hoing, 31:53
  3. Fabiola Katthain/Janne Siegal, 36:39
  4. Allison Finn/Anthony Miriani, 37:36
  5. Karen McKenna/Matt Phee, 37:37
  6. Libby Lukens/Angie Eliason, 37:53
  7. Debbie Aragon/John Aragon, 40:13
  8. Rick Garth/Keith Liefer, 40:41
  9. Tom Lake/Janine Lake, 40:46
  10. Matt Stensland/Luke Graham, 42:34

Children's individual

  1. Abbey Habermehl, 20:18
  2. Joe Borgerding, 21:12
  3. Tatum Burger, 21:14
  4. Willie Gunn, 21:59
  5. Teague Burger, 22:19
  6. Luke Borgerding, 23:06
  7. Matt White, 23:12
  8. Tamy Katthain, 25:06

Children's team

  1. Maddy and Frank Ruppel, 17:43
  2. Tyler and Sam Terranova, 18:02
  3. Melissa Requist and Sarah Kite, 23:10


For more information on Andy Caress’s Mela-KNOW-More organization, check out http://www.mela-know-more.org/.