Debbie Wilson: Think ahead on rec |

Debbie Wilson: Think ahead on rec

As a community member, parent and active participant in many local recreational activities, we are asking you to vote for the proposed recreation center located at the Ski Town site near the tennis bubble. Here are the reasons why this is important today:

1. Our community has been studying the idea of a community-funded recreation center since 1999.

2. Since 1999, our community has spent $62,018.73 on studies and consultants. An estimated $184,000 could be spent on the current architects. Nearly $250,000 has been spent.

3. All of the studies and consultants have concluded that our community needs more recreation facilities.

4. All of the studies and consultants have concluded that the most efficient and cost-effective approach is one centralized facility.

5. Today our community is about to undergo unprecedented growth, both west of town and at the base area. Everyone knows the SSHRA (Old Town Hot Springs) facilities are maxed out. How will they handle the 2,000 new homes proposed west of town and the unknown number of new residences at the base area?

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6. Today it is proposed that the mill levy will cost $13.75 per year per $100,000 in property value. This is based on today’s taxable property values. With the expected growth, it is very possible that in future years, the cost per $100,000 of property value will go down. The way the ballot language is written, our city is only allowed to raise the stated amount of dollars. If that number is divided by 1,000 more homes, the amount we see today will be less.

7. Why the Ski Town site? This is very important. Not only is it the most cost-effective location and the easiest to access for traffic purposes, it is near the mountain. As a community, it is our fiscal responsibility to future generations to make decisions that will have the smallest financial impact. By placing the facility near the mountain, we have a much greater probability of attracting tourist dollars to offset our operating expenses. As a community we need to make intelligent compromises. This is one of those situations.

8. The estimated cost of $34 million includes a very large cushion. Vote for the recreation center today before the cost increases. At some point, a recreation center will pass a vote, and the longer we wait, the more it will cost.

Steamboat is a growing community and we need to think ahead and not react to problems. If we wait, with our anticipated growth, this will not be a choice in the future, and the costs to our community will be significantly greater.

Vote Yes on 2B and 2C for a facility that will meet our community’s needs today and tomorrow.

Debbie Wilson

Steamboat Springs

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