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Dave Fisher and Jennifer Sliney: Good work, Dylan

Great work, Dylan

It bears mentioning here what an honor and a pleasure it was to work with Dylan Roberts on the Campaign for Change in Routt County. What doesn’t come through completely in Friday’s story is the bright future that lies before this exceptional young man.

Dylan’s dedication and enthusiasm helped motivate and energize a large staff of volunteers day after day during the campaign, even though many never had worked a phone bank, knocked on a door to ask people to vote or taken part in voter registration drives. At an age when many of his contemporaries are busier partying than voting, much less even being registered to vote or even aware of issues of global importance, Dylan demonstrated capable leadership to even the most seasoned campaign workers.

We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Dylan and all of the volunteers, not just in Routt County, but across America, who made a seemingly impossible dream come true. No one can say for sure what the coming years will bring. With young people like Dylan doing their part and being so actively involved, we once again find many reasons to be confident in this great nation.

Keep up the good work, Dylan. Greatness awaits you.

Dave Fisher

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