Crossfit Steamboat hosts Barbells for Boobs fundraiser |

Crossfit Steamboat hosts Barbells for Boobs fundraiser

Frances Hohl/For Steamboat Today

— Barbells for Boobs. Okay, it sounds a little raunchy, but wait. This is about getting in a fun workout while raising money that goes to early detection of breast cancer.

It's the first time Crossfit Steamboat has participated in the nationwide fundraiser.

"One of our members was diagnosed a month ago, and it gave us motivation to do it this year," said coach Sarah Coleman. "In the crossfit world we live to suffer … now, we have a reason to fight or dig a little deeper for one of our own."

"Fun" and "Crossfit" aren't usually mentioned in the same breath, but organizers promise that everybody, from the couch potato to the uber-fit, will have fun at this Saturday's Barbells for Boobs fundraiser.

Unfortunately, Crossfit member and Steamboat grandmother Debbie Lundeen is struggling with more than barbells this year. Her diagnosis of breast cancer is putting a face to the disease for Crossfit Steamboat. She's overwhelmed at the response to her diagnosis.

"I didn't expect this kind of support," Lundeen said with tears in her eyes. "Yet why wouldn't I? That's the kind of community we have here."

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The Crossfit community is known for its intense loyalty and support for each other as members grind out exercises that stem from military training.

"There's nothing like it,” Lundeen said. “I still don't know a lot of people's last names or where they work, but we have this (Crossfit) in common, and it's hard to put words to it. I don't feel old when I walk in here. I feel like I belong.”

Gym owner Rhonda Waneka said she'll put participants into teams at 9 a.m. after drawing names from a hat. She encourages people to bring their friends, even if only to watch.

A donation of $5 is being asked of everyone who comes to the gym, and people are asked to donate to the cause online.

Barbells for Boobs will be Lundeen's last Crossfit workout before she goes into battle against cancer.

"It's a great way for me to go out and fight this battle — one I plan to win," Lundeen said.

To join Lundeen and her "platoon" send an RSVP to or show up at 9 a.m. Saturday Oct. 22 at Crossfit Steamboat, 2851 Riverside Plaza. To donate go to

If you go:

What: Barbells for Boobs

When: 9 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 22

Where: Crossfit Steamboat, 2851 Riverside Plaza