Consignment store in Steamboat to accept, sell used athletic equipment |

Consignment store in Steamboat to accept, sell used athletic equipment

Mike Lawrence

— Genah Burditt's cluttered garage gave her the idea for a new business opening this month in downtown Steamboat Springs.

After looking around the space normally reserved for cars and "seeing how much idle gear we had," Burditt said Thursday, she began thinking about better ways to finance her family's sports habit.

Thus arose Boomerang Sports Exchange, a sports consignment store that is having a grand opening June 20 at 12th Street and Lincoln Avenue, across 12th Street from Little Toots Park. The consignment store is a joint venture between a couple of couples: Matt and Genah Burditt, and Tim and Lisa Vander Graaff. The Burditts have three children, and the Vander Graaffs have two. Both families moved to Steamboat Springs about three years ago, Matt Burditt said, into houses next door to each other.

"We became friends right off the bat," he said.

The knowledge that their children continually will be growing out of their sports equipment, the variety of sports and recreational activities popular in Steamboat and the amount of gear required for most of those activities all factored into creation of the store, he added.

Boomerang Sports Exchange will accept and sell team sports equipment, dirt-bike apparel, climbing gear, kayaks, rollerblades, skis, ice skates and more.

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"We're looking for everything," Matt Burditt said.

The store will research market values, determine a price and sell items for 75 days, he said. Consignors — those who bring in items to be sold — will receive 50 percent of the sale price in cash or a 60 percent credit in the store, Matt Burditt said, adding that the business model takes a cue from Annie's Home Consignments in Steamboat.

An item's price will drop the longer it's on the racks. Prices will drop 15 percent after 15 days, 30 percent after 30 days and 45 percent after 45 days.

Genah Burditt said in talking about the business, she's learned that the biggest challenge could be saying "no" to submitted items. Selling low-quality gear quickly could damage the store's reputation, she said, so Boomerang Sports Exchange staff will use a discerning eye when judging equipment brought in for sale.

"We want to stick to high quality," she said.

Genah Burditt also stressed the owners' environmental ethic and said several ideas are in the works to recycle or reuse unsold items. During the June 20 opening event, she said, people who bring in a bike, in any condition, for Home ReSource's Giving Bikes Back program will receive a $2 coupon for the store.

Genah and Matt Burditt said they're exploring several other ideas for the store, including allowing sellers to monitor the pricing and sales of their gear online; selling new items such as inflatable tubes for floating and water bottles, with a Boomerang Sports Exchange brand; offering free use of an air compressor for tubers on the nearby Yampa River; and selling soft drinks.

"We were just looking for something that could get us involved in the town," Matt Burditt said about the business.