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Click on this: Do it yourself

Home improvement Web site targets women

Allison Miriani

I had home improvement ideas floating in my head well before I closed on the purchase of my condo last month. Walls would get a fresh coat of paint, the bathroom mirror and fixtures would be updated and the carpet in the dining and living rooms would be replaced with wood laminate. “Trading Spaces” and “Flip that House” played continuously on my TV while I planned exactly how great my condo would look.

Then reality set in.

Having never done anything more complicated than putting together a bookcase, I knew I needed some help – but not the kind of help that requires payment. I found after searching home improvement sites on the Internet, and I recommend it for any and all female do-it-yourselfers. bills itself as an online community through which women can share advice and get encouragement while transforming their homes and their lives. It may sound a little hokey, but the advice about completing home projects is top-notch.

The Web site allows users to search for projects by room or topic, and projects are rated by one to five “screws” for the difficulty level, or “Jane Quotient.” A box included on the page tells the estimated time to complete the project and what tools and supplies are needed. In addition to step-by-step instructions and close-up photos, many of the projects include video or animated presentations.

The Web site also has a forum through which users can share stories or ask questions about particular projects they are working on. If doesn’t have information about a particular topic you’re interested in, there usually is someone in the forum who can direct you to a Web site that will have the information.

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Other helpful topics include a tool glossary and tips for cleaning, saving money and becoming more energy efficient.

Although I haven’t taken on anything more challenging than painting the den, I feel confident that when my laminate floors arrive, I’ll know what to do. I’ve already printed out the instructions from

– Allison Miriani