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Click on this: Be smarter, more efficient purports to be a Web site that rounds up “tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done.” The blog, however, goes far beyond technology with the information and advice it doles out.

Its focus is on helping people get things done “smarter and more efficiently,” and Lifehacker doesn’t limit those things to activities performed in front of a computer screen. For example, the site led one day with a feature linking to these user-addressed questions:

– What are some obvious or creative – shameless or shady, even! – ways to cut costs and live cheap?

– Is there a free and easy blog host that allows me to use my own Amazon affiliate links?

– Every 3,000 miles, I change the motor oil. But what about the house? Do I need a home repair and maintenance schedule?

– What things could one person do now to best progress human civilization in the long term (i.e. millions of years)?

– Is it cheaper to buy or make 10 pounds of ice cubes?

The site also directs users how to install a water-saving shower shutoff valve and links to tips on how to de-stress after a bad vacation. The information comes from contributors and other sites.

But Lifehacker isn’t just a smorgasbord for stream-of-consciousness problem solvers. The site includes instructions on managing features in products and programs from companies such as Google, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Even Lifehacker’s gadget-focused side isn’t just for the techno-savvy elite. For example, it goes into the intricacies of hacking a Wii and then offers tips on how to simplify an e-mail inbox.

The site is searchable (a hunt for “meditate” generates 35 hits relating to the typically non-Web-based practice), and users can e-mail the editors tips or suggestions from the home page. Lifehacker publishes more than 20 posts a day, and visitors can receive posts by e-mail or subscribe to the site’s RSS feed.

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