Chief serves up 'Justin Eats a Donut' pilot episode, discussion, free donuts |

Chief serves up ‘Justin Eats a Donut’ pilot episode, discussion, free donuts

Justin Kaliszewski prepares to sample and rate a donut during his travel-food show “Justin Eats a Donut.” (photo by F4D Studio)
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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Justin Kaliszewski is a yogi and health guru. He’s also a donut enthusiast and the creator and star of “Justin Eats a Donut,” a brand-new travel and food show that showcases the tastiest, most interesting donuts around, served with a side of life lessons for here and to go.

“It offers a balance between the different excesses of life,” Kaliszewski said. “To balance between the experiences of life, you have to have the good and the bad, the ups and the downs. There’s the times when you diet and are very strict and healthy and then you have to have the times when you’re just living your life.

“We’re showing the donut as an icon of celebration,” he added.

On April 1, Kaliszewski screens his pilot episode of his show, “Justin Eats a Donut,” at the Chief Theater. The episode features donut shops in the Denver-metro area, and the event itself will include a Q & A with Kaliszewski and free Powder Day Donuts donuts for all.

Sponsors of the event include Powder Day Donuts and Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey.

Donations will also be accepted for the LiftUp of Routt County food bank.

“We always want to have some service aspect to what we do,” Kaliszewski said. “In the spirit of donuts, we want to share.”

In each episode of “Justin Eats a Donut,” Kaliszewski visits a donut shop, but after that, all bets are off.

If you go

What: Justin Eats a Donut pilot episode screening party
When: Doors and bar open at 6:30 p.m.; show around 7:15 p.m., Monday, April 1
Where: Chief Theater, 813 Lincoln Ave.
Tickets: Free

“Instead of just visiting a shop and taking you behind the scenes, there’s some really funny, wacky, wild stuff in there,” Kaliszewski said. “Going with the flow is a big part of the show.”

The donuts he encounters are evaluated on a two-star donut rating system: either “good” or “phenomenal.”

Kaliszewski’s goals in each “Justin Eats a Donut” episode follow a basic recipe that can be baked, frosted and filled in dozens of ways.

“One, I make your mouth water,” Kaliszewski said. “Two, I surprise you with something wacky, something you’ve never seen in a food show before. And three, I’d like to invite you to stop and consider some aspect of life around you with a sense of wonder.”

Justin Kaliszewski samples and rates a donut during his travel-food show “Justin Eats a Donut.” (Courtesy photo by F4D Studio)
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Along with the screening at the Chief, Kaliszewski will hold several other local events, sprinkled throughout Steamboat Springs.

From 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday, March 30, Kaliszewski will join in on some of singer-songwriter and headliner Marco DiFerreira’s set at The Press. Kaliszewski and DiFerreira frequently play together in Denver in the band Mas Amor.

In addition to the Denver-area pilot, the “Justin Eats a Donut” series includes episodes about mountain town donut shops, Pacific coast donut shops and Midwest donut shops. There are also several online-only shorts, including Hawaii and Cuba.

Justin Kaliszewski will host a screening of the pilot episode of his travel-food show “Justin Eats a Donut” on April 1 at the Chief. (Courtesy photo by F4D Studio)
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“In Cuba, I couldn’t find a donut shop, so I had to eat a churro,” Kaliszewski said.

In several weeks, Kaliszewski and his team will pack up their bus and head out on a tour, aiming to explore donut shops of small towns and major cities across 46 states, filming more episodes, playing more live music and teaching more yoga.

“After that, we have a Mexico tour planned,” Kaliszewski said.

In his travel-food show “Justin Eats a Donut,” Justin Kaliszewski travels across North America, sampling and rating donuts and dispensing life lessons. The pilot episode will screen at the Chief on April 1. (Courtesy photo by F4D Studio)
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Kaliszewski’s balance of health foods and scrumptious donuts will no doubt continue to fuel his creative endeavors across the continent, aiming to inspire viewers and followers.

“Let’s try and see the world through a sense of wonder,” Kaliszewski said. “What can we contribute to make it a cool and fulfilling human experience for all of us?”

Kaliszewski leaves his fans with one more bite of wisdom, the motto of his show — as you move through life, let the whole be the goal; keep your eye on donut, not on the hole.

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