Business file for June 22 |

Business file for June 22

Colorado sets electricity use record Tuesday

At 4 p.m. Tuesday, Colorado set a record for electricity use of 6,801 megawatts, breaking a previous record from an hour earlier of 6,789 megawatts. The previous record before those was 6,785 megawatts on July 21, 2005.

A high of 100 degrees in Denver contributed to electricity demand as more air conditioners and fans were in use, Excel Energy reported in a news release. The company had 7,600 megawatts of power available during the surge, a reserve margin of 11 percent. In anticipation of the hot weather, Excel purchased electricity from other utilities, spokesman Mark Stutz said.

Dial 411 joins Marines at Camp Pendleton

Tom Miller-Freutel has announced his telecommunications company has landed a significant account with the United States Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

The Steamboat Springs-based president and chief marketing officer of Dial 411 anticipates his company’s switchboard operator software will add a personal touch for thousands of military families seeking to keep in touch with their Marines. Dial 411 recently signed a contract with Camp Pendleton.

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The company provides directory and switchboard operator services to organizations worldwide.

“We have sophisticated proprietary software to make this happen,” Miller-Freutel said. “We can set up a centralized switchboard operator service for any organization in the United States.”

The operators handling calls to Camp Pendleton are specially trained in accessing military databases, organizations and information. Miller-Freutel emphasized that the speed with which they can locate individuals is a key part of the service.

“Whenever you want to talk with your son or daughter, you can now reach your Marine in seconds via a friendly operator, not an automated system,” Miller-Freutel said. “This is about improving the quality of life for military personnel, families and extended families. We are receiving rave reviews from both officers and staff.”

Dial 411 has corporate offices in Calabasas, Calif.; Steamboat and Alpharetta, Ga.