Bruner keeps busy |

Bruner keeps busy

Soroco coach and teacher leads football, basketball and track teams

Luke Graham

— The conversation has come up a few times in the Bruner household.

How would the family’s life change if they won the lottery? Certainly, the bank account would be greener. The to-do list of work around the house and in the driveway would probably get done. Maybe even a parcel of land to build a house would look good.

But that’s about it.

“I can’t imagine our lives without sports,” Kim Bruner said. “We’ve even talked about if we won the lottery he’d still go to work every day. He loves what he’s doing.”

“He” is David Bruner, head boys football coach, girls basketball coach, track and field coach and physical education teacher at Soroco High School.

Saying David Bruner is the busiest coach in Routt County isn’t a stretch. He’s the only one who stands on the sidelines as the top dog for three sports. Prior to this year, Bruner just coached football and track – saving his winters for refereeing. But without a girls basketball coach, Bruner stepped up and assumed the role.

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But that doesn’t mean he won’t take every chance he gets this winter to ref a game in

Steamboat, Craig or Kremmling.

“Sports are what I grew up doing,” Bruner said. “I loved it. I had a coach that got me hooked on wanting to do this and help kids be successful in life.”

So that’s what Bruner’s done.

He’s spent the past 14 years coaching in Colorado and New Mexico. Half of that time has been spent coaching at least three sports a year.

With his new gig as girls basketball coach, Bruner – much like his other sports – brings impressive accolades.

He was an assistant at Prairie High School in 2001 when the team won a girls basketball state championship.

He was the head coach in Clayton, N.M., after that, compiling a 120-44 record.

Now he’s looking to do the same things with Soroco.

But why? Why not take a season off and re-energize? Why not just gear up for track and field?

“It’s something that has helped me be successful in life, and hopefully I can use that tool to help kids be successful in their life,” Bruner said. “Sports keep kids involved. I think it’s a good tool. There’s a lot of correlation between academics and athletics. When you have success in athletics and have that winning attitude, it’s going to be the same in the classroom.”

So even though Bruner puts in 12-, 13-, 14-, 15- or even 16-hour days, he says it’s all worth it.

He has immeasurable help from his wife, Kim.

If Bruner’s on the sidelines, Kim’s more than likely in the stands with the couple’s three children.

She also volunteers during the track season and spends almost as much time dissecting film at home.

“Sometimes I’ll add my two cents,” she said.

Bruner said coaching wouldn’t work without Kim. He said without her, he’s not sure where he’d be.

“She loves it,” Bruner said. “She should get the credit for everything.”

So whether those lottery numbers ever hit is pretty irrelevant to the Bruner’s. They’ll continue on their path – David coaching and Kim helping – for as long as the two can see.

“I love teaching (physical education) and health class,” David said. “I love coaching. I might not do all three sports, and I might take time off. But it’s a big part of my life. I see myself doing it until the time comes when I can’t do it anymore.”

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