Brent Boyer: Yes, I said it |

Brent Boyer: Yes, I said it

Brent Boyer

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Avoiding cliches is a fundamental tenet in journalism. But I don’t care. Today, I’m breaking the rule.

You come for the winter, but you stay for the summer.

The saying has indeed become cliche for Steamboat Springs residents, but why try to say something new when someone else already said it best?

I love Steamboat Springs in the summer. The hues of green that fill the valley. The afternoon thunderstorms that leave rainbows in their wake. Daylight that persists long into evening hours. Golfing, fishing, hiking and biking. Weekend barbecues with friends and neighbors. The flittering of aspen leaves in the breeze.

The list could go on, but you know what I’m talking about. It’s simply a magical time of year here, and I think this issue of At Home in Steamboat Springs captures many of the things that make the summer so special.

The spring snowmelt uncovers some of the best features of our homes – those outdoor spaces that serve as our peaceful sanctuaries and favorite spots to entertain guests. Writer and photographer Tom Ross took time to explore some of Steamboat’s finest outdoor living spaces, highlighting the different ways in which residents design and use their outdoor areas.

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Of course, a beautiful deck or patio does little good if it’s not enjoyed. Ross and photographer John F. Russell assembled a package of stories and features including a review of numerous barbecue sauces and grilling tips from the pros.

Ross and Russell also teamed up to explore Two Rivers Winery in Grand Junction and its adjacent Chateau Deux Fleuves bed and breakfast, which brings a taste of France’s wine country to the heart of Colorado’s Western Slope. With the annual Steamboat Wine Festival taking place Aug. 2-5, Ross digs a little deeper and, with the help of local experts, introduces you to the finer points of wine tasting and etiquette. Our list of Great Wines For Less Than $25 should send you scurrying to your favorite wine retailer.

Regardless of the season, few things say Routt County and the American West more than a weathered barn surrounded by rolling hay meadows and gentle mountain slopes. From the ski-marketing fame of the More Barn to the historic significance of the Carpenter Ranch, Routt County’s barns tell an important story about the past, present and future of our valley. Russell, an award-winning photographer, captures the spirit of some of those barns in a photo essay that begins on page 62.

Finally, don’t miss this edition’s profile of a noteworthy hole at each of Steamboat’s four golf courses. Yours truly spent a little time on the links with the directors of golf at Catamount Ranch and Club, Sheraton Steamboat Golf Club, Haymaker Golf Course and Steamboat Golf Club to play their favorite holes at their respective courses.

We think there’s a lot to enjoy in the pages that follow, and I’d be remiss not to mention some of the dazzling design changes done by co-editor Allison Miriani. We’d like to hear from you about the magazine. Mail your comments, criticisms or ideas to: At Home in Steamboat Springs, Attn: Brent Boyer, P.O. Box 774827, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477. You can also e-mail

– Brent Boyer