Bob McConnell: To Gov. Ritter |

Bob McConnell: To Gov. Ritter

— I am a retired military guy. Last night at our American Legion meeting, one of the other guys showed us an article from a newspaper in Denver discussing in-state tuition issues. From what I read, it looked like the same bunch of government officials who three weeks ago decided it made sense to give in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens and their children have decided not to give in-state tuition rates to military personnel stationed in Colorado, their spouses or their children. I hope I misunderstood and that you can clear this up.

I understand that college costs are increasing, that there are limited dollars available to assist those who want to go to college, and choices have to be made about who gets the benefits. But, are you serious? On one hand, you have military personnel, many of whom are just back from the war, and their children, who live in Colorado because the federal government ordered them to come here. On the other hand, you have illegal aliens, who snuck into our state, and by definition, have no right to be here, and their children. Please tell me that I am confused or that you have decided to think about this some more, or something that makes more sense than what the paper reported. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob McConnell

Retired Colonel, Army Ranger

Steamboat Springs

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