Bill Sauter: No sandwich boards |

Bill Sauter: No sandwich boards

— I am sure that when store owners decided to open their shops off Lincoln Avenue, they had good reasons for doing so. Now that the economy is not doing so well, they would like to generate more traffic. I’ll bet that the stores on Lincoln Avenue would like more traffic, too.

There has to be a better alternative than placing sandwich boards on Lincoln Avenue. Our sidewalks are already too narrow. When there are people on Lincoln Avenue, it is difficult to walk having to negotiate trees, clothing racks, sales tables, trash receptacles, the occasional bench, etc., and it is even more difficult when the restaurants start expanding their seating areas into what little room already exists. (How is it that they get to do that?) Now we are going to add sandwich boards to further confuse and congest pedestrian traffic – especially at intersections? I hope the City Council and city staff can find a better solution. This one should not even be on the table for discussion.

Bill Sauter

Steamboat Springs