Best Powder Clause: Honey Stinger/Big Agnes |

Best Powder Clause: Honey Stinger/Big Agnes

BAP employee Jonathan Boza contemplates his "employee powder clause" at the Big Agnes Bap store on Oak Street. His employer earned the honor of "Best Powder Clause" in this year's Best of the Boat edition.

Like big dumps? Work at Big Agnes.

That's the result of our Best Powder Clause category, with the local tent and sleeping bag company, as well as sister company Honey Stinger, taking the podium when it comes to shralping powder.

"It's not quite no questions asked, but pretty close," says co-owner Rich Hager. "You have to get approval from your supervisor beforehand, but as long as you're back by 11 or so, make up your hours and get all your work done, tracks are yours for the taking."

Still, not everyone can go all the time. You have to share, and a certain number of people still have to man the office. "Everybody takes turns," says Honey Stinger's Nate Bird, who juggles his sales team's requests. "It can be tough to manage and a bit of a frenzy, especially if it's a big dump, and it hasn't snowed in a while. And sometimes it's a roll of the dice, getting approval to go while hoping it's going dump."

Plus, there are always Forced Fun Thursdays. That's when the entire Honey Stinger sales team takes a longer-than-usual lunch break on the slopes. "It's not mandatory, but it's suggested you get your butts out of your office chairs and go skiing," Bird says.

Baring those options, you can also always head out for a crack-of-dawn skin up the mountain with company

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president Bill Gamber, as long as you don't mind waiting. "And you bring him a mocha," says Hager.