Best of the Web: Praise for SSHS lacrosse |

Best of the Web: Praise for SSHS lacrosse

Praise for SSHS lacrosse

— The program is great because of you, Bob (Hiester)! You bring such class and high expectations to your teams. Hope you go to the end. Awesome job.

Susie Ritter

– sunflowergirl9999

Youth teams, too

Don’t forget to credit Neil Redfern, too. The skills that the kids are learning in the youth program have had significant influence at the high school level.

– Twill

Control tubing

The growth of “commercial” tubing in the upper sections of the Yampa River was one of the key reasons the Yampa River Management Plan (YRMP) was developed in 2002-03 and adopted by City Council in 2004. The river was divided into five segments. Each segment clearly defined what type of use was most compatible for each of the segments. Commercial tubing was to occur below Fifth Street because that was a compatible use for that section of the river. The upper sections of the river were to remain more natural and provide opportunities for solitude to watch wildlife and fly fish: What is taking place now is that private tubing in the upper sections is anything but occasional. Private tubing on the upper section of the river has grown to and perhaps beyond what was occurring when commercial tubing was permitted.

– Scott Ford

Recommended Stories For You

Hayden school calendar

Thank you to the school board for listening to the community members that elected you.

– Queenie

Sales tax, property tax

I think if a property tax were to be approved that the approval process would also include a reduction in the local sales tax.

I think the sales tax revenue has a certain “free money” aspect to it because so much of it is paid by tourists and it is hard to know how much anyone is paying. So why not spend money on whatever as long as the money is coming in?

I think a property tax would have a far greater “you are taking and spending my money” aspect to it, and far more of it would be paid by locals. Not only does each person know how much they are paying, there is a record of it. So I think if there were years of plenty of revenue, then there would be a far greater local push to refund and reduce property taxes.

– Scott Wedel

Less travel, less sales tax

SBS’s sales tax collection declines are created by the recession that has cast a pall of concern over all personal discretionary spending. :Vacation spending and tourism are among the hardest hit segments of the economy as they are purely discretionary and can further be purchased in different increments of quality – you can still take a vacation, but it may not entail hopping on a plane and coming to SBS.

SBS, because of the travel requirement, is very high on the continuum of discretionary spending and therefore is likely to see a proportionately greater impact. When travel can be stripped or dramatically reduced from vacation spending, it is the first casualty.

Will it recover? Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The only variable is how long it will take.


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