Best of the Web for March 29 |

Best of the Web for March 29

Tubing debate

The real sad thing here is that people need to be “educated” about not destroying the Yampa. Don’t throw trash in the river and obey the rules. Seems pretty simple to me. I think it says more about our society than anything else. (It’s a) “rules apply to everybody else but me” attitude.

– Troutguy

Trask’s teaching award

Congratulations Darcy! An honor that is well-deserved.

– scottford

Dems turn

The Obama administration is not perfect, but at least President Obama is trying to keep things honest and informing the public. The Bush administration was famous for their lies and repression of the truth. We put up with the Bush administration for eight lousy years, and a Republican majority for nearly that long who spent billions on pork and earmarks, but yet:Republicans won’t even give Obama a chance after only 60 days. : Let’s at least give Obama’s way a try.

– Routt_County_Guy

Changing times

Can we not afford to do more than what we tried to do during the Great Depression?

Probably not, as going into the depression of the 1930s : we were a creditor nation, as a whole. Today, we are a debtor nation. Prior to the depression, we were an exporter of goods, today we are an importer of goods (even food).

The dynamics are not the same.

That said, there are many opportunities for economic development. Though they probably do not exist in fields in which we have been accustom to working in.

A paradigm shift needs to occur that will allow us to move forward in a positive way, that will help to reestablish the principles that allowed the middle class to flourish in the United States.

– ybul

Prez promises

BO ring broke another campaign promise last night at his press conference. He had promised to stop torture, but his performance violated every article of the Geneva Convention.

– Fred Duckels

Local campaigners

At least these people care enough about their country to get out in the community and generate for support for a budget and legislation that this country needs instead of simply replying with accusations of socialism and saying “NO.”

Efforts like this happened every day this fall in Steamboat and across the country, and it is why Barack Obama won. These people want reform in health care, new energy solutions and an education system that works, among other things, and they worked for it.

– BoatNative

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