Best of the Web for July 8 |

Best of the Web for July 8

Nice photo

Regarding “Headwall regrade under way” published on July 6: Compliments to Larry Pierce on the photo from the hill looking down through the chair lift. Nice shot.

– RoxyDad

The school business

A lot of folks don’t want to acknowledge that the business of education is just that – administratively, it is a business. There are good guys and bad guys. There are greed and power seekers just like there are in any corporate environment. There are also honest and good people who genuinely care about educating our children.

– Bikegirl

Damage disgusting

Regarding “Charges filed for demo party” published July 6: It’s very pleasing to read that these knuckleheads will be forking out some fines to help repair the house they trashed. Did any of the readers or posters actually stop by the house after the demo party? I did. The damage was deplorable and outright disgusting. Our neighborhood is considerably quieter since these goons moved out.

– Dundalk

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Preserving history

Regarding “Historic Hiway Bar restored” published July 8: Too many people get the attitude that it is cheaper and easier to tear down and start over. It’s great to see such enthusiasm in preserving a little history. Good Luck.

– JQPublic

Saluting the sergeant

Congratulations to Gordon (Booco). He has demonstrated for years his true commitment to the citizens of Hayden. I am confident that he will do a terrific job in his new position. Good Luck Sgt. Booco.

– Lazy_H

On equality

Quoting the op-ed (published July 4): ‘”All men are created equal.’ These are the most powerful words in the declaration. They remind us that in the United States we do not stand for racism, that to discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, religion, gender or other attribute that does not speak to individual character is simply un-American.” I agree completely and look forward to the Pilot & Today editorial which will oppose Affirmative Action as the institutionalized racism (and sexism) that it clearly is.

– Sbvor

Pay for seniority

One reason that our district “seems to be hiring a lot of first-year teachers” is that we do not offer the kind of transfer of seniority that other districts do to experienced teachers that might want to move here. This means that an experienced teacher coming here will take a pay cut, often a very significant one, to move here. Combine that with high cost of living and it is a pretty unappealing package to many.

– Another_Local

ASC needed to go

Regarding “American Skiing Co. to dissolve” published July 3: This is a company that needed to go away. I personally purchased their stock many years ago to support the ski industry and my favorite resorts. Unfortunately, I sold at a loss because of their mismanagement. I am glad to see them go and I wish the Canyons the best of luck for their future.

– RoxyDad

Making money

I shorted the stock. Kaching. Thank you very much.

– WZ

CR 129 dangerous

We have to come up with a way for the cyclists to train without endangering themselves and the motorists on the road. (County Road) 129 is a dangerous road for cars, let alone bicycles. There is absolutely no edge to ride on, so the bikes ride in traffic. We have spent millions on the bike paths, can’t we spend a bit more to build tracks for the cyclists? Or, make the cyclist by a special license plate for $20, and use this money to widen the roads. It’s unfortunate that this young lady was hit. It’s also unfortunate for the guy driving the truck.

– stompk