Beer of the Week: Storm Peak Flare Orange Wheat |

Beer of the Week: Storm Peak Flare Orange Wheat

Dan Tullos

Storm Peak Brewing: Flare Orange Wheat

Like so many things in our lives, beer goes with the seasons. Just like snowboarding in winter and biking in summer, certain types of beer are best at certain times of the year. The distinct tastes and feelings they impart intermingle with our experiences and contribute to the overall feel of the season.

As I have said before, a good wheat beer is so crisp and refreshing that it is almost universally enjoyable anywhere its hot out. Guess what folks, it’s hot out.

Storm Peak Brewing is trying to help you deal with the dog days of summer with their first round of brews this summer. The most refreshing of which is the Flare Orange Wheat.

Flare is an american wheat beer through and through. It takes the conventions of European wheats and contradicts them at almost every turn.

When you buy a wheat beer in Germany, the yeast flavor is the star of the show. Everything about the beer is centered around the spicy clove flavors and hints of bananas. The hops and wheat flavors are like the entourage thats hanging around just to be close to the yeast. Not only does the yeast get to be the star, but it also dictates how you drink it. For instance, putting a lemon wedge in a German hefe could be considered sacrilege in some parts of the world.

Here in America, we do things a bit different. Storm peak’s Flare Orange Wheat is truly a party for the people. Gone is the prima donna hefe yeast and in comes a clean tasting American ale yeast that’s happy to fade into the background.

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The first thing you notice about Flare is the delicate citrus smell when you bring it to your mouth. Hints of orange and bittering hops let you know whats in store. The first sip starts with a slightly bitter and sweet orange flavor rolling across across your tongue. This is backed up by a wonderfully crisp wheat flavor that cuts the citrus and finishes nice and dry so you have no choice but to have another sip.

They accomplish this feat of flavor by using two different type of dried orange peel and bold hops in the brewing process. One is sweet and the other bitter, so they maintain a balance that doesn’t overwhelm the beer. So just like that old Paul McCartney and Stevie wonder song, they live in perfect harmony. Albeit without the cheesy 80s hair and outfits.

All of these flavors combine for a refreshing summer beer that is the perfect antidote for those days when the mercury creeps over 90 degrees. With enough bitterness to counteract the citrus and a clean finish that complements the wheat, Flare is sure to be a memorable part of your summer. So embrace the heat this year and dive into a Flare Orange Wheat.

Activities to follow with a Flare Orange Wheat:

Mountain biking


Being on fire


Trying a hot wing challenge


Shopping downtown

Walking across hot asphalt with no shoes


Falling asleep on a tanning bed

Being sacrificed to a live volcano