Atomga to bring rocking soul, Afro-funk rhythms to Old Town Pub on Friday |

Atomga to bring rocking soul, Afro-funk rhythms to Old Town Pub on Friday

Atomga, a 10-person afro-funk band, will take the stage at Old Town Pub on Friday, April 12.
Photo courtesy ATOMGA

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Old Town Pub will be alive Friday, April 12, with the powerful sounds of Afro-funk rhythms and a mixture of rock, jazz, hip-hop and even classical as Atomga takes the stage.

“We all have such rich and diverse musical backgrounds that you’ll hear splashes of classical, prog, traditional Eastern European music and more laced throughout our songs,” baritone saxophone player Leah Concialdi said.

Atomga is a Colorado-based band founded in 2011 after noticing a void in Colorado’s Afro-beat music scene. The band has grown from two members to 10, and how they all found their way to joining is as unique as each person in the group.

“At this point, we just like to say, ‘a long series of connections over a long period of time,'” Concialdi said about how Atomga came together. “Folks have trickled in from connections in previous projects, Craigslist and good words of faith.”

The band’s name is just as interesting as its formation. Atamga is an ancient warrior dance from West Africa. According to Concialdi, the group wanted something that connected them to the roots of their musical genre while also keeping their signature spin. They changed the “a” to an “o,” and Atomga was born.

“Not only does Atomga look cool and allow us to add atoms to our branding, but it has undertones of the whole ‘being greater than the some of its parts,’ which is really powerful,” Concialdi said.

In addition to Concialdi, Atomga consists of LaSha “Calyptic” Afarko on vocals, Casey Hrdlicka on guitar, Peter Mouser on keyboards and Fender Rhodes, Alice Hansen on trumpet, Frank Roddy on tenor saxophone, Sam Lafalce on bass guitar, Matt Schooley on timbales and auxiliary percussion, J.R. Ranck on drums, and Jared “Jball” Fischer on congas, bongos and djembe.

The band will take the stage at 10 p.m. Friday, April 12, at Old Town Pub, 600 Lincoln Ave. The cost to attend is $5.

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