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‘A bunch of funk’

Saxophonist Dave Laub’s musical background is in jazz, but he added some funk to his repertoire when he started Flux5.

“I wanted to start a jam band where I wasn’t just playing jazz,” Laub said about his latest musical venture.

Flux5 was formed in 2004, when it began playing New Orleans-style funk at venues in Vail. Growing into a more mature sound in the past few years, Flux5 currently fills a set with original beats as well as a few classic covers redone with the deep bass lines and thick keyboards consistent with funk.

“Our goal is to have a high-energy show that keeps people up and dancing,” Laub said.

The band’s current five members have been playing together for two years.

“Every show is getting tighter,” Laub said. “We’ve been getting a really good response from people throughout the past couple years.”

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Joining Laub is bassist Richie Vazques, drummer Scott Mattson, guitarist Matt Cheek and keyboardist Andy Schmidt. Laub credits Flux5’s unique sound with the variety of influences each member brings.

“We just let everyone bring their own piece to the table,” Laub said. “We don’t really put bounds on what kind of music we’ll draw from.”

Four of the five members of Flux5 graduated with music degrees ranging from classical to jazz, which Laub says is an advantage within the jam band scene.

“It gives us a certain approach that’s unique,” Laub said.

The self-proclaimed “distinctive, greasy” beats of Flux5 won the first annual Fired Up Band Contest in Carbondale. Laub describes the band’s music as a melting pot of soul-jazz, blues, funk, rock and hip-hop.

“We just pass around our CDs to each other and try getting into what others are listening to,” Laub said. “Our backgrounds in music are so diverse, and our music shows it.”

Flux5 tours the rest of the summer in Colorado, playing shows until the end of August. A live CD is in the works and should be released this fall.

“We’re really trying to unify our sound,” Laub said. “We’re always pushing the bounds to find our signature style.”