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8traC stays on track

The band's hard work is continuing to pay off

Allison Plean

8traC will be playing some hard-hitting modern funk rock Saturday night at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill. Don't forget to congratulate lead singer Chantel Mead and guitarist Derek VanScoten on their recent nuptials.

— Funk rock band 8traC has undergone some changes since it last visited Steamboat Springs in August.

Band members have written 10 new songs, and guitarist Derek VanScoten and lead vocalist Chantel Mead were married.

“There’s been a deepening, for sure, since that’s happened,” Mead said. “We haven’t been incorporating our marriage into the press so much because we wanted to create the illusion that we are all single and available.”

The only single member of the band (ladies) is bass player Stefan Ferraro. But the focus of the band has been to continue to grow.

“We have very clear goals in mind, and as a result, we are starting to see them unfold,” Mead said.

The Front Range band, which plays “hard-hitting modern funk rock,” recently finished recording its new album, “Falling Up.” The band members now have an agent, and some of their tracks are available on iTunes.

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“We’re on iTunes right alongside Alicia Keys. It doesn’t say on there we are lesser,” Mead said. “We are listed as an artist who took the time to do the work. Two years ago, that wasn’t available.”

Mead thinks the music community is becoming closer and more connected. This year, 8traC has played alongside big names such as Kanye West, Robert Randolph and G. Love & Special Sauce.

“It’s amazing how those names seem untouchable, but when it comes down to it, they are not seven or eight degrees of separation,” Mead said. “They are now one or two degrees of separation. Hopefully it will be just a matter of time ’til we’ll be in their seats.”

Opportunities continue to open up for independent musicians, Mead said.

“In our bubble, it seems like everyone wants to be a rock star, but at the core, not everybody wants the same thing,” Mead said. “There is enough for everybody to have what they want, and the music world is much more balanced than I thought it would be.”

The band has a new Web site and its members write a blog to stay more connected to their fans.

“One thing we don’t want is to have a wall around us as individuals,” Mead said. “We want the blog we started to be an internal monologue of what’s going on that everyone can access and share stories.”

Mead said 8traC always has felt a connection with the audiences in Steamboat Springs.

“One of the greatest things Steamboat has taught us is that your town has always been supportive,” Mead said. “It’s an ongoing experiment with our sound and how it works with different communities.”

And no matter how popular 8traC might get, it always will come back through Steamboat, Mead said.

“We want to thank you for being such as wonderful community, and we’re really thrilled to come up there.”